Saturday, 9 February 2008

The archives

I've transferred this blog over from another site, so the first few entries here will be cut and pasted. I've let some of the really old posts go in the move, but that was then and this is now and things have changed.

A fresh start
Tuesday 29 January, 2008 - 19:58

The fresh start is for me. I am going to get my life in order, appreciate what I have more and make the most of every opportunity. And hopefully my friends will give me a shove if I get stuck in a rut along the way :)

Tonight I went out into the cool evening air, after a hot day, and collected up a large bag of wormy and half bird-eaten apples. In the process, I managed to gather a basket of undamaged fruit - a bit tart and a little underripe, but edible.

I see stewed apple, apple pie and apple crumble in the very near future!
Reading: Tricky Kids, Philosophy Gym, 365 Ways to Change the World
Watching: Sweeney Todd, The Waterhorse
Making: Yogo in the Thermomix, plans for a solar oven and aquaponic garden, labna (yoghurt cheese)
Researching: aquaponics, solar ovens, the health benefits of cinnamon and honey, the real Sweeney Todd

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