Sunday, 24 February 2008


Reading: Gogo Mama, by Australian journalist Sally Sara. Whenever we visit my family in Sydney, Mum leaves interesting things on the bookshelf in our room. Last time, the interesting thing was this book - a great read in its own right, but particularly interesting to me because I worked with Sally at radio station 2WEB in Bourke, NSW, quite a few years ago. She is a real journalist, and even rates her own Wikipedia entry; I just faked it for a while. I've just discovered her website too:

Gogo Mama consists of the stories of 12 African women - amazing, strong women who have lived through some very harsh times. I'm still reading it, in between the domestic realities of suburban life, but I'd certainly recommend it on the basis of the stories I've read so far.

Sally has received a Fellowship to study human rights journalism, and is currently in Boston, USA.

Cooking: home-grown organic apples and pears. I've just made a big batch of apple sauce, which I can freeze and use as needed, and I have several recipes featuring pears I want to try, including pear and pepper (capsicum) soup, which sounds intriguing.

Listening to: Pink, because she's the only artist I've managed to put onto the iPod as yet. Another thing for the to-do list.

Should be: Making children's lunches for tomorrow, cleaning up the kitchen, bringing in the washing, folding and putting away clean clothes, making sure bags are packed for tomorrow, finishing a re-design of a client's newsletter, finishing the first preschool newsletter for the year ...

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