Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Pears ... and more pears ...

Yesterday's job was to start dealing with one of the pear trees:

The photo on the left was taken on 8 February, the one on the right is this morning. We'll eventually trim the top down as well, and I'll re-band it to try and get the codling moth under control. In the process of pruning the lower branches, I harvested lots of fruit:
... and threw many many more away because of the grubs.
The ones below are off the other tree - it's an even bigger job, as the husband has a lot of 'stuff' around it that makes it difficult to get to. The feel of rotting pear juice flowing into your shoes isn't particularly pleasant ...
There's someone else who doesn't mind the grubs though!

I thought it was a crow, but the white feathers under his tail and the bright yellow eyes would suggest he's a currawong. He's mainly eating the fruit high in the tree, so we're happy to share.
A couple of photos of passionfruit flowers opening, just because they're so beautiful:


TheCrone said...

K you have worked so very hard! I love your pictures; definatly garden porn for a soul like mine...arhhhhhhhhhhhh bliss!

Now how are you going to deal with your glut of pears? Hehehe.

goingferal(ish) said...

They are beautiful aren't they?