Monday, 18 February 2008

Planting (part 1)

We bought some seeds and seedlings yesterday, but didn't get a chance to plant them (i.e. in too much hip pain after removing suckered saplings from a section of the driveway so we don't scratch the car every time we drive in). Then at about 1.30am I realised I was on preschool duty this morning, so didn't get to it until this evening. It's too dark to take photos now, but I'm really hoping something survives the snails so I can take some tomorrow!

I'm working on the theory of random planting confusing the wee beasties, and have interspersed various brassica species (cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts) with various salad greens, and there are still beetroot seedlings, various herbs and seeds to go in, plus the marigolds and petunias the children chose. I ran out of light, so the rest will have to wait. The husband was conscripted to cut the tops off large soft drink bottles, which will hopefully provide some protection from the snails. Unfortunately there weren't enough bottles to cover everything, so we'll see how effective they were in the morning light.

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