Saturday, 5 April 2008

Look what I made

Today Miss Tizz asked me to make her something with paper - "You know - where you fold it up" "Ummm - origami?" "Yes!" - but she wasn't sure what she wanted, and it's been some time since I've made anything. So, as you do, we found instructions on the internet. First I made a basic waterbomb, then the X-man asked for a frog, so I made two jumping frogs.

Then I spotted some Kusudama flowers. Each petal is made separately and then glued together (which makes it not true origami according to some sources). The word Kusudama comes from two Japanese words meaning 'medicine' and 'ball' - originally it was a bag of herbs, decorated with flowers. The origami version consists of twelve of these flowers, assembled into a ball shape by glueing or threading the centres together. The slightly wonky blue one above was my first attempt.

Sunday update: The origami fun didn't end there - on Sunday we made more jumping frogs, peace cranes, flapping birds, a lily, a cup and traditional boats. Who needs battery-operated plastic toys?

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TheCrone said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!