Saturday, 24 May 2008

I finished something!

If I sound surprised, it's because I start a lot of things, invest in all the right gear, and don't finish a whole lot (see Procrastination :P).

But last night I finished the crocheted item I was working on - and for those who thought it was a shopping bag/ market bag/ string bag - you're absolutely right!

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, considering I'm a bit of a novice at the yarn arts. Just for the record, the yarn is Panda Regal 4 ply cotton, Col. no. R12, and the bag was based on a pattern from with more rows because I only had a 3mm hook instead of the 4mm the pattern called for, and an extra row of edging because the pattern edge didn't look like 'enough' to me.

So there you go - and I might just dig out some of the other UFOs to finish ...


naturewitch said...

The bag is so gorgeous! Love the colours you've chosen. How well do you think it will wear? (I've been thinkinf of making some as Chrissie presents this year.


karenmc said...

Thanks :) It seems pretty strong, but I don't think I'd be filling it with really heavy or sharp stuff. It has a pretty solid base, so nothing would break through the bottom easily.

TheCrone said...

Karen that is gorgeous! What a great idea and congrats on ending your run of procrastination!

Now when are you two meeting up for coffee? :)