Sunday, 22 June 2008

It's been a busy week

Miss Tizz turned 7 on Thursday, so we did the family party last weekend, the cupcake thing for school on Thursday, dinner at McDonald's Thursday night (the birthday person gets to choose - at least she picked one with a cafe), and a movie party with school friends on Friday night (with far too much snack bar food - those kids can inhale popcorn!).

And then last night Guides had a *camp* at Questacon - her first ever night away from us. I helped out with setting up and serving supper for 153 Guides, and I thought at one stage that Miss Tizz wasn't going to stay - she was complaining of a bad stomach ache and feeling sick, but I think it may have been (understandable) anxiety about something new. By the time we'd finished cleaning up and I was ready to go, however, she'd recovered and opted to stay.

I arrived to pick her up about 8am, and it was a struggle extracting her from the place! She had a great time, slept well (although not enough - check out the black under her eyes!), and is far less anxious about the school overnight camp coming up later in the year. Which is a great relief to me ...

One question though - why do sleeping bags never fit back into the bag properly?


brazen's crafts said...

wow, that sounds like mY sor tof way to celebrate a birthday!!!

that is a lovely photo of her, she is looking so grown up!

is she in the same guides as delia?

karenmc said...

No - we're up the hill - within walking distance of home (which we've even managed to do once or twice).

I didn't mention about the great birthday cake disaster ... the cake cooked perfectly, but stuck & broke apart >:| The husband came to the rescue with a suggestion of Vienetta icecream, so we put two side-by-side, added candles, and the kids were perfectly happy.