Sunday, 20 July 2008

Dodgy teddy

Once upon a time, a certain 7 year old had a much loved, well worn & WAY too small nightie, which her evil mother liberated from her wardrobe to cut up to use as backing for darning another item of clothing. The 7 year old had the eyes of an eagle, and spotted a corner of the fabric peeking from beneath a pile of other items, and was not well pleased. To avert a major meltdown, her much more considerate father suggested making a teddy bear from the remainder of the fabric. The 7 year old embraced this idea with gusto, and the evil mother was set to work.

A dodgy teddy was born. The 7 year old was pleased.

[And the evil mother - who has been known to procrastinate on the odd occasion - avoided work again. Oops.]


TheCrone said...

I love Dodgy Teddy!

Well done :)

Kristen said...

Just gorgeous! Well worth the procrastination! :)

naturewitch said...

I don't know about Dodgy - I think Teddy's rather cute. Of course, you'll probably never be able to liberate the teddy from Miss 7! xx