Saturday, 19 July 2008

Water and chickens

Miss Tizz & the X-man have been going to swimming lessons each day this week, and thoroughly enjoying being in the heated pool in the middle of winter.

And I've been procrastinating about work again (how unusual!), and had some fun making a couple of little amigurumi chicks. I blame Chicken Betty! I hadn't heard of amigurumi before I started following her blog, and while I don't normally do cute, these are a big hit with the kids (and pretty quick to make).

In the process of making the chicks, I have learnt to make a Magic Ring and how to decrease properly in crochet.


brazen's crafts said...

fantastic swimming pics! i'd been meaning to ask if we could take pics but kept forgetting.

cute chicks too ;p

brazen's crafts said...

oh i meant to also say i have the sequel to the yaya's if you'd like to borrow :)

karenmc said...

I didn't ask about taking photos - I just made sure I zoomed in on my kids in case anyone questioned me.

I'd love to borrow the sequel - thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Long live chickens! mwa hahahahahah!

brazen's crafts said...

oh good, we need a catch up, it's been too long lol

want to come to us or us to come to you?