Thursday, 28 August 2008

Not too old

We're not morning people. School mornings are rarely fun. Today was no exception.

Everything was going reasonably, up to the point where it took Miss Tizz 40 minutes to put on her shoes and socks. And the X-man kept baiting her and answering back to me. I didn't even have backup today, as the husband was beating off people trying to push into the line outside Aldi to get a bargain television, which the short people won't get to watch for two days now because they've been given a screen ban as punishment for the morning's shenanigans.

So we eventually get to school (on time for a change), slide straight into a parking spot (another miracle), and get Miss Tizz down to class. Great :)

On the way back to the car, we ran into Miss Tizz's teacher from kindergarten, who is a month away from birthing #2 child. Had a quick chat (it's a girl this time, so she'll have a pigeon pair) and head on our way. The X-man starts with the questions ... "Why is she having a baby? Why does she want two children? Why does she want a boy and a girl? Maybe she wants three children. Maybe she wants four children - two boys and two girls. You could have another boy and another girl [hang on - back up there ... when did this become about me?]. You could have more babies! I could have another brother and sister! [But I'm too old for more babies!] No you're not. You could have lots more babies!"

I don't know whether to laugh or run away screaming.

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