Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Ghosties & ghouls

We've never celebrated Halloween, but last week Miss Tizz's Guide leader announced that they were having a Halloween party this week. Costumes, games, food - the lot. Okaaaayyyy ... not really my thing (especially the commercialised, US, trick-or-treat version), but we put together a ghost costume from a sheet:

... and made some spiders (Delta Cream biscuits taken apart, pretzel legs inserted, put back together with some melted chocolate to make it stick, more chocolate on top, and some silver cachou eyes):

... and squashed eyeballs (big marshmallows, Smarties with a little chocolate 'glue' and red decorating gel), little ghosts and severed fingers (Honey Jumble biscuits with decorating gel):

All pretty easy, and none came home, so the girls must have liked them.

And now Miss Tizz is aware of the whole Halloween thing, I may just sit her down on Friday night and tell her what it's really about - not the cutesy Hallmark version *evil grin*.


Susana said...

So, so clever. I'm liking the spiders the best. Gold! I bet Miss Tiz had a blast.

TheCrone said...