Tuesday, 7 October 2008

School holidays - Day 10: Birthday celebration

Yesterday (Day 10) was the MIL's birthday, so we collected her and headed off to meet BIL & family for a leisurely lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Strangely, no-one was interested in trying the duck's feet, black fungus or jellyfish, although reading about them in the menu elicited some interesting reactions from the four children under 10 with us. Heh.

I had offered to make MIL a tiramisu before I knew we were going to a Chinese restaurant, but we decided to head back to her house and eat it anyway. I'd taken the kids into consideration when making it, and left out the brandy, completely disregarding the fact it was full of coffee and they wouldn't touch it anyway. Ooops. They were quite happy to demolish the chocolate mudcake from the local bakery instead though :)

* Please note: The candles are not a true representation of MIL's chronological achievement. She is a little older than 12.

The cousins are staying with MIL for a couple of nights. We all wished her luck as we departed. Lots of luck. And threatened to leave our two with her as well ;)

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