Saturday, 11 October 2008

School holidays - Day 14: History detectives

Yesterday (Friday) we visited the National Archives of Australia with two young History Detectives who had more fun with a hunt for clues than I thought they would (and scored a magnifying glass prize at the end). The Archives is also hosting the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize exhibition until November 16 - definitely worth a look. Here's a small sample to whet your appetite:

Kevin Stead (SA)
My Hero Frog [Watercolour/gouache

Michael McWilliams
Bandicoot Playground [Oil on linen

Scott Marr (NSW)
We eat what we are [Pyrography and natural pigments

Paul Ballantine (SA)
Survival down to the wire [Recycled chicken wire

Sarah Shamma (Syria)
Rhinoceros [Oil on canvas

The Archives are open 9am-5pm daily, and entry is free.

In the evening we headed off to the shopping centre to see the Circus Aerial Spectacular Show.

Much better than your average shopping centre show - and no large furry animal costumes or patronising commentaries! Aerial acrobatics (the stage void is 3 levels high, and they worked it), whip cracking & a lasso display, and a pretty amazing (and flexible!) hula-hooping boy with lots of eyeliner & very tight short shorts!

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Susana said...

Oh yes he was very cute wasn't he. I was loving his abs!