Friday, 6 February 2009

About a year ago

I started this blog nearly a year ago, and while some things in the wild backyard aren't much different, we're finally making progress towards growing some of our own food.

Both wicking beds are now built, lined, painted inside with the sealant, and have 200mm of sand in the bottom as a water storage area.

I had hoped to get the four trailer-loads of soil it will take to fill them before Lee comes back next week, but with temps in the high 30s, including 39.6 degrees Celsius today and a predicted 40 degrees tomorrow, it may not happen. We're planning on hiding inside for the weekend, and only venturing into the heat if it's completely unavoidable!

In the meantime, the fruit trees are getting sunburnt, attacked by codling moth, and being feasted on by native birds. Hopefully we'll get something from them, and when the fruit is finished we'll do some heavy pruning and serious pest control and be off to a better start for next season.

On the family front: the children survived their first week of school. The X-man was most impressed that he scored four stickers from teachers for good behaviour and listening :) and Miss Tizz has decided she wants to learn guitar (I think she has visions of being a rock star, so thankfully the school has 3/4 size guitars we can hire before we outlay too much on an instrument only to find she loses interest after a few weeks).

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