Friday, 13 March 2009

In two weeks I have ...

Worked. A lot. A number of clients are involved in a conference at the end of the month, and are desperately trying to get documents printed in time. Being at the end of the process, things are a little hectic around here right now, and it's not finished yet.

Read several books:

I'll have to read the rest of the Twilight books soon - I do love a good vampire tale!

I read the Dinotopia children's novel before handing it over to Miss Tizz, just to make sure it was appropriate for a 7yo (and I recently read The Princess Diaries for the same reason).

Mary called Magdalene is the current book by the bedside - it's a novel, because not too much is known about the historical figure, and very interesting so far - she's currently plagued by Canaanite gods & goddesses.

Watched a number of episodes each of Torchwood (Season 1, Episodes 1-9 - definitely a show for adults! Oh my! Dr Who was never like this!) and Lexx:

Crocheted (while watching the above):

Changed my hair colour - this one is a Joico purple - it's quite bright in the sunlight!

(Like my superhero cape? Trying to prevent the colour from bleeding all over me - I've been waking up in the morning with half my face purple! Nearly forgot about it today when I went to answer the door ...)

Sewed patches onto Miss Tizz's Guide sash (and unpicked the ones I put in the wrong place :P):

Picked apples & pears:

Made more bread from the Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day recipe, and made my first batch of English muffins. The baked product disappears too quickly, so here's a picture of the dough (you can't say I don't thrill you with exciting photos!):

And the I worked some more.


Susana said...

Love it. Esp. the hair colour. Wish I had even half of your guts and could dye mine pink too. So glad you enjoyed Twilight. Although everyone I've recommended it to has fallen in love with it too! We need to catch up soon.....although will you have time with 3 books to go???

TheCrone said...

Wow, WOW!

I'm also reading a book about Mary Magdalene! It's MM, bride in exile by margaret starbird.

Also reading The lost ark of the covenant by Tudor parfitt.

Love the hair and the crochet!!!

karenmc said...

Susana - It helps that I don't have to front up to a boss everyday - I AM the boss, and I approve of interesting hair colours :) Bought the second book in the series last night, but need to finish Mary the Magdalene first - how disciplined am I??? Would love to catch up - it's been WAY too long.

My dear Crone - yet more proof that we were meant to be twins ;) And your book turned up this morning - another for the stack beside the bed :) Thank you!

ChickenBetty said...

We're half way through season 2 of Torchwood - eeeeeh. I'm not sure I can keep going, the lack of good writing is getting to me.

nice crochet!