Thursday, 30 April 2009


My gorgeous Crone friend is participating in a Pay it Forward activity. Much as I am tempted to put my name down, I'm actively trying to cut back on commitments for a while so I can get some other things under control, but I'd encourage you to check it out - it looks like fun!

BUT ... I would like to give something away ...

The backstory is - I like cosmetics, and I've found THE makeup brand that I want to stick with - Mirenesse. Lovely lovely stuff that stays where it's supposed to - all day - and washes off with water. I joined their VIP program, which means every two months I receive a surprise box of beautiful things - their amazing mascara, lip gloss, cleansers, foundation, and more.

So ... I've accumulated quite a bit of Mirenesse gorgeousness, and some of it could be yours, absolutely free!

Just leave me a comment telling me your deepest darkest tragic makeup/hair/fashion secret, and one of 3 Mirenesse packs could be yours. Each pack will include at least two full size items, plus sample/travel items. Winners will be randomly drawn.


TheCrone said...

You must participate in PIF! Everyone would love one of your chookies!!!!

Apprentice Domestic Goddess said...

I think people are shy!

I'm already over-committed (baking for a school family with a sick child) but I'd love to try a new make-up.

My tragic secret is that I have worn the same colour lipstick for the last year, regardless of season or clothing colour, and despite having other colours in my collection. I've bought three bottles of it so far...

Actually, I think it's efficient, not tragic :).

Anonymous said...

Oh oh am I too late - would the shipping be too much?

Make-up tragedy..

in 7th grade I used to wear, pink mascara. no joke. I looked ill for 9 months. Unless I was wearing the yellow mascara, then i looked like I'd been attacked by flowers.

karenmc said...

Not too late at all :)

Ok - you three win. I know thecrone's tragic hair story already, and you can pass the stuff onto Miss 17 if you can't use it :)

I need your address chickenbetty - please email to blackswanart at gmail dot com, and expect a package in the mail :)