Monday, 27 April 2009

Love this city

Love The Whitlams.

The husband took the short people out for the day, and I've cranked up the stereo - a mix of Energia, Pet Shop Boys, The Whitlams, a 2002 hits CD (think the Ketchup Song!) while working my way through a mountain of washing that's accumulated with the rain and cold snap we've had over the long weekend, and baking ham & cheese scrolls for back-to-school lunches (and 'turtles' just for fun).

Love this City (The Whitlams) is about Sydney - the city I spent my high school & university years in, and returned to after a few years outback, before heading to Canberra.

It was busy everywhere he went
There was a crowd over the bay
And a fireworks display
It's all very strange for a Thursday night thought he
Then it dawns on him as a cracker explodes
And who the hell is he going to blame?
It dawns on him - the horror - we got the Olympic Games

You gotta love this city for its body and not its brain

And he screams "My city is a whore, opened herself to the world
Jumped up and down in pastel shirts
And lathered up thinking about designs for T-shirts"

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