Thursday, 9 April 2009

School's out!

School holidays officially started here at 3pm today :) But before we launch into the next two weeks of routineless mayhem (and I'm determined we are going to do lots of fun things, and I'm not going to work the whole time), I need to tell you about the X-man's acting debut.

This is the X-man's kindergarten year. There are three classes of about 20 children each, two pregnant teachers, and one not, so there'll be some changes and disruption partway through the year. The X-man will cope with this - change doesn't faze him at all.

The school holds assemblies each fortnight, with each year group (Kindergarten, Year 1/2, Year 3/4, Year 5/6) hosting an assembly each term. Last Friday was the first Kindergarten assembly for the year, and I don't envy the teachers one iota having to coordinate 60 small people. It's only half an hour or so, but that's a long time when you're 5 and wriggly, and the attention of the rest of the school, the teachers and the parent audience is focussed on you!

The X-man had a speaking role! Four - count them - FOUR words! And a costume! He was a paramedic, and he was there to help his friend Sara when she hurt herself and called 000 (the emergency number in Australia). "I will help you!". That's him in the middle of the front row, wearing dark green (with reflective tape stripes!).

Ok - let's check the medical kit one more time ...

... and you're on! Woo!

[Sorry about the photo quality - indoors, not enough light, not enough *real zoom*, moving targets]

And that was that :)

Apart from all the Jolly Phonics songs they'd learned so far, a little addition demonstration (3 + 4 = 7), and a rousing rendition of This Old Man, all the way up to 10, which the audience spontaneously joined in, and which got louder and faster as it went on.

Can't wait for next term!

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