Thursday, 20 August 2009

In ... and out


One little dragonfly from Perth that hitched a ride home in my bag, and now lives by my computer:

One discarded cabinet from a neighbour's throw out pile. It needs a little work, but I like it too much to see it go to the tip:

One tall bookcase which, tipped on its side, makes a perfect home of oversized books which have been sitting in piles all over the house:

One very large wooden box, which was apparently once used for shipping a computer (presumably a very BIG one!), and has been converted to a cubbyhouse. Needs some TLC, and a lick of paint, but the kids are very excited:


A carload of excess computers and peripherals, to a government-sponsored e-waste recycling centre last weekend:

How on earth we accumulated three excess monitors, a couple of very old Apple laptops, 6 or 7 printers, multiple keyboards, etc etc is beyond me. And that's after getting rid of NINE monitors last year!

Also out: a couple of large plastic bags full of plastic bags (and we mostly use green bags for grocery shopping, so I have no idea where all of these ones came from), a large wheelie bin full of papers for recycling (which doesn't go out until next Tuesday night, so we've started 'sharing' the mother-in-law's recycling bin this week, and we could easily fill another as we sort and toss years of accumulated 'stuff'), a big box of toys and household items (technically not out yet, but set aside for donation to the school fete in November), another bag of clothes donated to a local charity, and a full trailer load of broken bricks and pavers and pallets and other assorted junk has gone to the tip.

I am LOVING clearing this place out! Many many thanks to the dear friend who is getting us organised and motivated :)

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