Monday, 26 October 2009

the key

The key to yesterday's photos, that is, just in case you wanted to know (left to right, top to bottom) ...

  1. Red rose (duh!) - the roses are horribly neglected and just magnificent, again :) I just love them - treat them badly and they love you just the same.
  2. Silverbeet in the wicking beds. The snails and aphids and other assorted creatures decimated everything else, but apparently no-one likes the silverbeet much. Including the family. I will have to find a way to disguise it, because if it's the only thing to survive, they're bloody well going to eat it!
  3. Tomato plants in the hydroponic cabinet that the husband swapped someone something for. I suspect it was used to grow something herbal in a previous life, but it's now doing a good job of getting the tomatoes started indoors while there's still a risk of frost. They're getting a semi-hydroponic treatment - they're still in their pots with soil, but they're getting the light and heat and hydroponic nutrients, and they're loving it.
  4. Yellow banksia rose - there are actually three banksia roses tangled up together - yellow, white and pink, and they became so heavy that they bent the star picket supports that were holding them up. They make great subjects for therapeutic pruning.
  5. The 'front' lawn/play area. Technically this is our front yard. We're in a battleaxe block, so our front faces out onto a path rather than a road, but we don't have an open front yard that we need to keep pretty for passers-by, and that isn't much good for anything else. The kids have a cubby house, a swingset and a climbing frame here, and room to run around like maniacs. When we eventually get around to levelling it, the trampoline will probably come round here too. The green mass on the right hand side is the collapsed banksia roses. We'll cut it back and put up something stronger to hold it up again ... some time ...
  6. Teensy pears, just forming. Not much sign of the pear and cherry slug yet - must remember to look up what to do about them.
  7. Orchids from the MIL's greenhouse :)
  8. Baby tomatoes (see #3). The husband hand pollinated them with an electric toothbrush (don't ask!).
  9. Fuzzy little peaches (I think). Birds and bugs generally get to them before us, but I figure we'll eventually get something.
  10. Pittosporum flower cluster. Click on this one to enlarge. Pittosporums aren't my favourite plant. There are loads of them flowering around Canberra at the moment, and we have a pittosporum hedge, but I'd never looked very closely at them before. Just beautiful!
  11. Part of the 'orchard' - front to back: peach, apple, pear, pile of rubbish. At least the rubbish pile is diminishing. Hopefully this is where I will eventually have a chook run, so they get shade from the fruit trees, and they can have the fallen fruit and associated grubs and insects.
  12. Olive tree - there are now three or four in various places around the yard, but this is the oldest. 
  13. May bush, and the remains of the hyacinths.
  14. Pink banksia rose.
  15. Double delight rose - one of my favourites.
  16. Another rose - no idea what this one is.
  17. Buds on the banksia roses - just masses of them (click to enlarge - they're just beautiful, even at this stage). I love the potential of the garden at this time of year :)
  18. Citrus lineup - a lemon tree in the ground, and the pots have a cumquat, a lemonade, and another citrus I can't recall.
  19. Apricot. Again, we've never had fruit from it before the critters attacked, but it's growing rapidly. If you enlarge the picture, you can see the roofline of the preschool behind us - it's purple! Love it!
  20. White banksia rose.
  21. Artichoke - it dies right back over winter, and then seems to spring back all of sudden. 
  22. Bush rose - there are a few of these. They flower for a long time, starting off a bright yellow/orange, and fading to a pinky-red.
  23. Baby apples starting to form.
  24. Another double-delight rose, in full bloom.
  25. Forget-me-nots.

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