Saturday, 9 February 2008

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Friday 01 February, 2008 - 00:26
My hair colour, that is! Contrary to popular belief, hot pink is not my natural hair colour. But it's been like this for nine months now (with forays into ultraviolet and purple haze, and a very short-lived cotton candy pink, which was so pale I could only bear it for a few days), and I am so used to it I wonder why on earth people are looking at me. I do love the reactions of small children though - "Mummy! Look at that lady! She has pink hair! Can I have pink hair too?" Miss Tizz calls me her Pink Hair Lady, and the X-man just gazes into my eyes every so often, strokes my head and says "I love your pink hair Mummy!". That's good enough for me.

<-- Hot Hot Pink (Manic Panic) over freshly bleached hair - this was the first time I went seriously pink

<-- Ultraviolet (Manic Panic) - faded to a wierd greyish blue far too quickly

<-- Purple Haze (Manic Panic) - the colour held better than Ultraviolet, but I still prefer pink. It's high maintenance though, and definitely needs re-doing after three weeks. I've been using Manic Panic colours, and I love love LOVE them, but my hairdresser went to the trouble of finding some different ones to try - Scream, by Rusk (which we used today), and Fudge Paintbox (which I heard fades faster, but she heard that there's a new formula that lasts longer, so she got a tube of Raspberry Beret which we'll try next time).

The most amazing thing about getting my hair done is how much of a mood lift it gives me. Silly, but I can't help but walk out with a big smile :) Guess I'm just getting shallow in my advanced years!

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Anonymous said...

I was gonna buy Manic Panic. Thanks for the result pics. extremely helpful! :)