Sunday, 10 February 2008

More BEFORE photos

We've established that the garden is a little, shall we say, 'wild'. Let's keep exploring ...

There is another vege bed, unused for longer, and displaying a much better weed crop. Once it contained potatoes, pumpkin, zucchini, rhubarb, onions and artichoke. It may still have something there. Not that you can tell ...

The tall weeds are some horrible prickly thing, but they can usually be pulled out in one piece. The grass is another matter ... The black patch under the pear tree, next to the fence, is a black plastic compost bin - it hasn't been touched for a while - will be interesting to see what's in there (apart from the creepy crawlies). Speaking of the pear tree ...

It is absolutely loaded at the moment! The branches are literally weighed down with fruit, but most of it is wormy. We have two pears (one green, one brown - I think one is something like a Bosc? I will have to identify them one day) and an apple tree. All loaded with fruit, and full of codling moth grubs. Another big job. I don't actually like pears - something about the texture sets my teeth on edge - but I'll work on that once we have grub-free fruit.

Turn right from the pear tree and this is what you see:

The white thing in the middle is a hydroponics system that the husband designed and built some years ago. We had a LOT of strawberries and tomatoes from hydroponics for a year or two, and we're looking into a potential aquaponics set up at some stage. But first things first ...

Covering the fence and the hydroponics system is a grape vine. I think it's a 'real' one - not just an ornamental - but will have to get in there and check it out properly and find out what I need to do with it. The thing on the right is a one-man boat hull, which (thanks to Freecycle) has become another garden sculpture. Beyond the greenery is the 'secret garden' - a funny little space currently used for storing paving and standard bricks, but which is potentially a fairy garden.

There's also an olive tree:

The wheel on the left is part of a diff assembly (or something like that) which is apparently one day going to be a Harley trike, Yep - ok. And the white thing on the right is apparently one day going to be resurrected as a shed. Or possibly a studio. Or reconfigured into a cubby house. Uh - huh. I have come to terms with them by thinking of them as modern garden sculptures. On good days. On bad days, they're just more crap that the husband has accumulated. Never mind - perhaps I can grow a pumpkin over them.

There are a couple more olive trees in pots around the other side of the house. I don't like olives either, so it's up to the husband to keep them alive.

We transplanted an apricot (or maybe it's a peach) tree from the other side of the yard, so it could be in the 'orchard' [hahaha]:

Ooh look! There's the rest of the diff and the other wheel! The apricot/peach has done surprisingly well, despite the neglect. It's at least twice as tall as I remember from last time I looked. Which reminds me of a funny story. When I was in high school, Dad asked me to take the compost out one day. I knew the compost heap was right up the back of a long yard, but I hadn't actually done that job for a while, and I commented on the new rock garden on my return. Dad just laughed - it had been there for 3 years! Oops.

There are also some other fruit trees in the yard, and some in pots. In total, we have:
2 x pear trees
1 x apple tree
1 x apricot (or peach!) tree
1 x grape vine
3 x olive trees (two in pots)
1 x lemon tree
1 x lemonade tree (in pot)
1 x cumquat (in pot)
1 x Valencia orange
1 x fig tree
1 x passionfruit vine, which we were starting to think was an ornamental, but today I discovered this:

Now I just need to find out what sort it is!

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