Monday, 11 February 2008


Come hell or high water, I was going to plant SOMETHING yesterday. I had a box of out-of-date seed packs stashed away, and figured that was better than nothing, so went through it to find what had the best chance of survival at this time of year if indeed it managed to germinate at all.

This is what I came up with (and I know some of them aren't very suitable for the end of summer, but let's give it a go!): turnips, pumpkin (butternut and Golden Nugget), climbing beans, bush beans, snow peas, sweet corn, parsnip, beetroot, onions, broccoli, pak choi, cauliflower & peas.

The small people of the family were keen to help, so if these seeds germinate, I will get my wild garden - I encouraged them to move the mulch aside (with gloves on) so the seeds would at least be somewhere in the vicinity of the soil, but then they spotted a spider, and it was seed scattering from then on. We watered them in, so with a bit of luck most of them managed to work their way down through the mulch.

Regardless of how successful a technique it is (and realistically the odds aren't good!), it was fun, Miss Tizz and the X-man enjoyed themselves, and I feel like I've achieved something over the weekend.

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TheCrone said...


Great pic of the seeds!

I hope that you have heaps of success with them! Hugs to Miss Tizz and Xman.