Monday, 10 March 2008

Sodden straw

I'm into Day 3 of soaking the strawbales.

You can see the walkway between them from this angle - would be nice for it to be a little wider, but there's limited room in this part of the yard. This photo was taken about 11am - the area gets more sun earlier in the day, and then in the later part of the afternoon. The shadow is from the verandah roofing, so it just cuts down the direct heat and light, rather than being solid shade. With a bit of luck this will mean that seedlings will survive the hot days we're still getting.

This fellow was sitting on the wires out the back. He and his friends have had a great time feasting on the fruit trees for the past few weeks - perhaps he's checking what's for dinner next time they drop in!

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TheCrone said...

Hey gorgeous!

How are things at the wildbackyard? You're tagged btw!