Sunday, 29 June 2008

Playing with beads (and yarn)

Miss Tizz received a big set of beads for her birthday, and we finally had the opportunity to get them out and play with them this weekend.
There are a LOT of beads in that container - especially very tiny pink, blue & brown ones. A LOT of very, very tiny beads ...

Necklace designed by Miss Tizz:

When she'd had enough, the X-man moved in, and the bead box became a bead bath for assorted Ben 10 Sumo Slammers.

I can see eight of them (and scarily I could name them all) + a random Scooby Doo figure.

I've been taking yarn to school at pick up time lately - I can get there at 2.30ish (to get a parking spot), and sit in the car & crochet before bolting down to the classroom at 2.57pm :) This is last week's effort - another Bamboozle skinny scarf in lovely blues & greens.

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Jewelry Making said...

Miss Tizzy's necklace design is fantastic!