Thursday, 3 July 2008

School holidays

We're making a slightly early start to the mid-year school holidays. Miss Tizz is having a day off tomorrow as half her class will be at the school swimming carnival (those aged or turning 8 years old or over this year) and there won't be anything crucial happening for the younger ones. Seemed a bit pointless sending her in really, when I can earn credit with her by giving her an early mark ;)

The plans for the next two weeks include a Guide camp, visiting Grandma and Grandad in Sydney, and fast-track swimming lessons for five days. The Guide camp has a pirate theme - Miss Tizz is just going for the two days of the camp (she opted out of staying over for the two nights - apparently even though they're 'camping' indoors, it's freezing in the middle of winter!).
The trip to Sydney also includes a workshop for Miss Tizz:


Learn Earth Science and understand how our planet came to look the way it does. Make a working model volcano as well as a model of the Earth and an Earthquake Zone. Look and feel minerals from the ground and make your own mineral ID chart.
The X-man is looking forward to playing with his cousins in Sydney :)

Hopefully we'll also get a chance to see some Canberra friends as well - we're all so busy most of the time it's difficult to find time when we can get together.

And there's another brew in progress. This one is based on grape juice, and is supposed to come out like lambrusco. I started it on Monday night, so these photos are at the 36 hour stage, and it seems to be fermenting nicely.

You can see how the valve in the bottle top opens to allow gases to escape - no exploding bottles!


TheCrone said...

Yum yum yum!

I had to stop brewing; I was drinking way too much and gaining far too much!

karenmc said...

This stuff is WAY too easy to drink! My solution is to leave it a few weeks between brews, and encourage my MIL to drink up with me ;)

TheCrone said...