Monday, 25 August 2008

Oh the shame!

This blog started as record of the transformation of a suburban backyard. Well, that was the theory anyway. Then work got busier, I got distracted, and winter fell upon us with a thud. In case you hadn't noticed, there's been a distinct lack of backyard in this blog lately.

But today I was given a not-so-gentle prod by The Crone, and ventured out the back door for the first time in weeks. Blame illness, the demands of running a business from home, winter, the call of the internet in a nice heated house ... With trepidation in heart and camera in hand, I went to see if anything survived. Just. Maybe.

I did find some beetroot ...

... lots of potential in the form of small fuzzy buds on the fruit trees ...

... and a bright spot of gold in the flowers on one of the bolted greens.

There are a few things still holding on - artichokes and herbs mostly - and everything in pots could do with a good soaking. I pulled a few handfuls of grass out of the vege plots; they came out easily enough, and the soil beneath is looking dark and ready for planting again. A few solid hours should see it looking half reasonable, so not as dire as I predicted.

Just don't ask about the strawbales. I think they'll make very nice mulch.

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TheCrone said...

Mwah! Well done :)