Tuesday, 26 August 2008

She got out

My inner bitch that is.

She's been rattling the bars of the cage for some time, throwing out the odd snide bitchy remark, making sure everyone in the house didn't forget her. And then this morning she escaped through the hole in my skull that was drilled by the headache from hell that I've had for a week. And she was in fine form. She yelled and snarled and snarked at husband and children for not answering quickly enough, and for talking too loudly, and for going too slowly, and for looking at her the wrong way.

The husband finally coaxed her back into her cage with strong coffee. She's not entirely placated, but at least reasonably under control for now.

In thanks, I invited him to go out to lunch - one of the perks of working from home. And to keep the bitch quiet, I ordered another coffee.

And you know how cafes usually serve coffee with little leafy patterns, or hearts or swirly things on top? Well not today. Today I got a bottom. Bitch.

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Em said...

oh that is so funny!! I needed a laugh, thankyou :)