Friday, 19 September 2008

Getting funky!

What do you think of the X-man's new shoes?

I wish they came in my size!


brazen's crafts said...

wow they are so cool!!!! where were they from?

what size feet does he have? they look smaller than ryan's lol

karenmc said...

They're from the big shoe shop at DFO (MIL carted me off there yesterday to buy me a birthday present). He has some size 11 boots that still fit (but are just about worn our), and the girl in the shop measured him at size 12. She suggested 12 1/2 to allow for growth, but these are 12s and still have wiggle room. The laces are elastic and fixed in place, and the snake is a velcro strap, so very easy for him to get on. I think there may have been some space themed ones in bluish tones, but I didn't look too closely - he was sold on these immediately!