Saturday, 27 September 2008

School holidays Day 1! Yay (and I mean that most sincerely)

Today is the first official day of school holidays. Two weeks of the short people at home with us, all day, every day. And, surprisingly, I'm feeling quite good about it. It's a bit of a relief all round.

The household stress levels have been getting a bit out of control with all the things we have to do, and all the things we should be doing. And despite the reality that I'm not really on holidays, a great weight has been lifted that for the next fortnight we don't have to get kids off to school and preschool, fork out more money for the latest fundraising venture, make sure notes and homework are in on time and attend committee meetings. No Guides for two weeks. We haven't booked them into any holiday programs or fast track swimming courses. In fact, we have no definite plans to do anything at all.

We may go to Questacon or the National Museum or the National Gallery. We may go to the movies, or have a picnic, or visit friends. We may do a mad blitz on the homefront (ok, so that one has pretty low odds). We may just hang out with each other and play.

The point is, right at this moment, we have two weeks of possibility. Yes, I'll have to work it around my paid work, but holidays are when working from home becomes a huge advantage, and the one plan I do have is to take advantage of it.

So, Day 1: sleeping in while the kids watch cartoons. Brunch very late in the morning. An afternoon of lazing around with the kids reading and doing puzzles, followed by a spot of tiramisu-making, and music to dance and tidy up to before MIL joins us for dinner.

Easy peasy, not very authentic but very adaptable no-fail tiramisu

1 pkg cream cheese (250g) or marscapone or ricotta or neufchatel cheese
cream (300ml or so)
sugar (depends how sweet you want it - maybe 2 tblsp)
coffee - strong (this time I used up some horrible cheap instant vanilla coffee mix packets along with some leftover strong coffee from the plunger - 1-2 cups made up)
brandy (or coffee liqueur, or leave it out)
Savoiardi (ladyfinger) biscuits (or cake, but the biscuits are nicer)

If you don't have leftover coffee, make the coffee, then while it's cooling beat the cheese, cream and sugar together until smooth (an electric mixer is easiest, but not essential). Add alcohol to coffee. Arrange biscuits in serving dish, soak (but don't drown) with coffee, then add a layer of cheese mixture. Add more layers of biscuits, coffee, cheese until you run out of room, ending with the cheese mixture on top. Add some grated chocolate (or the chocolate powder from the cheap instant coffee mix packets) to decorate. Chill for a minimum of one hour before serving.

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TheCrone said...

Love it! Slow living at its best :)

Love the new look on your blog as well!