Sunday, 28 September 2008

School holidays - Day 2

I was going to write a piece about how much I love brunch, but that will have to wait until tomorrow, because tonight was the final episode of the new Dr Who, Season 4. For the second time in four years, the Doctor has reduced me to tears. Yes, I know it's all made up, but I got a bit ... involved ...

The Doctor really is at his best (whoever the actor that's playing him, but David Tennant is particularly good at it) when he's in pain, and there was plenty of pain at the end of this episode. Catherine Tate is a brilliant actress - she can make you laugh till you pee yourself (not me though - I have really good pelvic floor muscles!) and she can make you feel Donna's desperation.


The rest of the day involved another late start, with all four of us in bed for reading and tickles, followed by brunch (again), meeting a friend for coffee & a chat, and stocking up on more yarn. I had plans for a lot of cooking, but only ended up making Thermomix chocolate yogo for the kids.

Thermomix chocolate yogo
recipe adapted from The Crone, approx weights in brackets
3 cups water (600g)
1 cup milk powder (100g)
1/3 cup cornflour (40g)
1/3 cup cocoa (40g)
2/3 cup sugar (can be reduced) (120g)
pinch salt
3 tbsp butter (35g)

Place all ingredients in Thermomix bowl. Cook for 7 min/90 deg C/speed 4. Pour into small containers immediately, as it begins setting very quickly as it cools. Allow to cool, then refrigerate.

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