Tuesday, 30 September 2008

School holidays - Day 3

No brunch post today either - ah well, another time.

A work day today. I had hoped to take the children out somewhere this afternoon, but it didn't quite pan out that way. However, they did get to play in the sunshine outside while I was chained to the computer. Tomorrow we all get a bonus day though! A very thoughtful friend (*mwah*) gave me childminding for a birthday present, and I'm cashing in tomorrow.

The husband and I are off to the movies (it is years since we've been to the movies together to see something that doesn't involve ogres or animated fish) while the kids go on a playdate (shhh ... don't call it babysitting!). But we must be getting old - I deliberately chose a 9.45am session to avoid the hordes of teenagers - I figure they won't be up yet ;) Or maybe that was just me as a teenager ...

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