Sunday, 19 October 2008

Why you should avoid cheap tools

The project is something I've been working on between other things for a while. It's a semi-circular blanket for the X-man, in his chosen colours, which can also function as a cape (Super Crochet Boy?). There's no real pattern, and he keeps changing his mind about how long he wants it, so I'll just keep going with it a while longer.

The other project is teaching the children to crochet. I managed to avoid it last time they asked, but this time they each have a ball of acrylic yarn in their colour of choice (pink for Mss Tizz, yellow for the X-man - no surprises there!) and a largish hook, and they're learning to chain. Then they're pretty keen to make their own bookworms. Miss Tizz has discovered she can crochet her way to another Guide badge, but she has a little way to go yet ...

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