Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Another box of dirt

Not being terribly interested in the horses*, I bought some more potting mix this afternoon and set up the second Earthbox. This one has capsicum (top row) and spinach:

Note how I artfully blurred the background so as not to subject you to too much wildness.

The husband is getting in on the garden potential - potential hydroponics. Can't you just see the tomatoes and strawberries?

Have I introduced you to this fellow before? Tonight he's standing guard over the Earthboxes.

* It's Melbourne Cup Day, and somehow Canberra managed to score a bonus public holiday out of it, even though we're not even in the same state as the Cup. It's called something like Family & Community Day, but they're not fooling anybody!


TheCrone said...

Oh that looks fantastic! I love your galah, where did you get him?

karenmc said...

Isn't he gorgeous? He was a birthday present from the husband a few years ago - he bought him from the sculptor at the Epic Markets. I think he was from Bundanoon.

TheCrone said...

Hmmmm, something waiting for you over at Wits End ;)