Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The potential garden

Neglected & wild it may be, but it's full of potential.

The potential peas & snowpeas I planted on Sunday:

Potential apples and pears:

Potential stone fruit:

Potential citrus (several varieties):

Potential olives:

Potential passionfruit:

Potential grapes:

(Okay, so the last two might be stretching it - so far they've had loads of flowers but very little actual fruit - they may be just ornamental.)

And a couple of survivors from last summer ...


And chives:

Heh - it doesn't look half so wild in close-up!


Dani said...

Wow. That's some great potential. I hope you get lots out of it. I gather that is the earthbox in the top pic?

goingferal(ish) said...

Cannot wait til my fruit trees are as established as your K!

karenmc said...

dani - yes - that's the first Earthbox in the top photo.

gf - we were lucky to buy somewhere with established pears and apples, and have added the rest over the past six years. But there are a few that are still in pots after way too long, and I will try to get them in the ground this year! I'm sure they're terribly rootbound ...