Sunday, 16 November 2008

Occasionally I bite bullets

The bullet on this occasion is meal planning. I've been talking for weeks (as is my wont) about how it would simplify my life (just a little), and put an end to the 6 o'clock "Bloody hell it's dinner time already what am I going to cook there's nothing quick and easy let's get takeaway".

And besides, everyone else is doing it.

Now, I have no idea if other people are telling porkies when they say it takes ten minutes (including writing the shopping list), but it takes me WAY longer than that, although it probably takes less time than a week's worth of standing in front of the open cupboard and/or fridge wondering what I can put together from the odd things that seem to have accumulated there. And when I try to involve the whole family in the planning (with the idea that if they get a say now, they have to eat it without whinging later), it takes even longer.

So I came up with a plan. Vaguely inspired by brazen's cookbook challenge, I have pulled a little-used book from the shelf, and we've chosen a week's worth of dinners from the one book. I will continue to do this each week until a) the family revolts at a week's worth of some odd specialist cookbook options, or b) I lose interest.

So this week's plan comes from The Diabetes Cookbook for the Whole Family, which I bought some time ago because the husband has diabetes (duh!).

This week we'll be eating:

Sunday - leftover pizza from last night.

Monday - Simple salad cups (p25) & grilled fsh

Tuesday - Sheena's fettuccini with prawns & snowpeas (p78)

Wednesday - Lentil curry (p37) & rice

Thursday - Chinese noodle salad (p26)

Friday - Warm chicken & mint salad (p63)

Saturday - Sweet & sour meatballs (p69) with sweet & sour sauce (p34) & rice

Sunday - Dutch-style baked beans (p42) with home-baked bread

And I have some desserts if everyone's good:

- Apricot & passionfruit frozen whip (p94)
- Chocolate mousse (p92)
- Strawberry ricotta cups (p91)

Miss Tizz got inspired, and pulled out a set of kids recipe cards that she's been dying to use (I have enough trouble coping with kitchen duties; throw in a 7yo and I'm about ready to slit my wrists, but I'm taking a deep breath ...), and planned next week for us (not in any particular order as yet):

- Lamb kebabs (the wrap-style ones, not the ones on a stick)
- Potato & apple salad (will need to add some protein to this one)
- Spaghetti bolognese
- Couscous salad
- Macaroni cheese
- Vegetable goulash
- Coconut chicken curry & rice

Am I missing any vital food groups? Am I delusional in thinking that involvement in the planning & shopping process equals not whinging at dinner time? Can I cope with taking Miss Tizz grocery shopping very often, given that she spent half the time rearranging the trolley contents and telling me off (loudly) for putting packets with jars?


goingferal(ish) said...

ROFL re T.

I say again, you gals with your fancy menus! Hope it makes life a bit easier K. I too hate the "oh crap what shall we have".

karenmc said...

Believe me - there's nothing too fancy here. If it was, I wouldn't be cooking!

Dani said...

It will make life easier and it looks like a good plan to me.

BTW I can meal plan in ten minutes but I usually take about half an hour over a nice hot cup of tea.