Thursday, 11 December 2008

A few random things discovered recently

  1. Making Christmas cards with young children sounds like fun, but isn't.
  2. An alpaca can make an interesting addition to a funeral.
  3. My 7yo came top in her year at school in French, and I had no idea until I got her end-of-year report that she was doing so well.
  4. The minute I mention taking a holiday is the minute clients desperately start needing jobs completed.
  5. 5 hours a night is not enough enough sleep long term. The consequences are not pretty.
  6. There are no guarantees any of us will see tomorrow.
  7. Being almost mortgage-free is a massive relief.
  8. My 5yo is teaching himself to read. It's early days, but he's recognising things like M at the beginning and k at the end of a word just might be his friend Mark's name. He managed to work out who was who in a list of his preschool classmates using this method. And he wrote all his Christmas cards by himself.
It's been an interesting week or two.


Susana said...

You are a real inspiration. So happy the kids are doing so well. I'm sure it will all fall into place when it is meant to and that lots of sleep is coming your way soon.

TheCrone said...


Xman is amazing, you are amazing and Ms Tizz, well, what can I say?

C'est magnifique! Tres bien Ms Tizz!

goingferal(ish) said...

Wow! Your kids are so bloody clever K, it's fabulous. In Yr 1 there wasn't a single A in French so the standards sure are high. Well done T!

karenmc said...

There was only the one A in Year 2, and I was VERY surprised! Of course, as expected, it's balanced by a poor result in PE, but she did better in the participation & sense of fair play aspects, so we're ok with that (and I can hardly complain when I'm so non-athletic & uncoordinated myself).

I am considering learning French myself now, to encourage her as she's shown a flair for it. I did a little in Yr 7 & 8, but she probably has more conversational French than me already!

TheCrone said...

Think Telopea!

Dani said...

I'm truly fascinated by the alpaca story.

Your kids sound fantastic. You must be bursting with maternal pride. My five year old is the opposite. Not very literate at all, reasonably numerate but can ride his two wheeler 10km before lunch, come home and jump on the trampoline for an hour LOL. He's got a mean golf swing too.

Try and get more sleep! Sleep debt is an insidious thing and definitely not good for you long or short term!

Apprentice Domestic Goddess said...

Very cool, K!

We miss you!