Saturday, 29 November 2008

Year 2 diorama, and catalogue mods

Miss Tizz came home from school one day with a request for a shoe box. After much searching for one that hadn't been converted to an alien habitat, or that holds 'precious' little things and can't be touched, the X-man generously donated the box from his funky jungle shoes.

Today the shoe box came home again, but now it's a zoo diorama, with lions looking out hungrily from behind not-very-secure bars:

They're looking at two plasticine people, who are fortunate to be sitting in comfy armchairs in front of the lion cage:

(The X-man)
(Miss Tizz)

And because I know you want to see the whole thing:

Meanwhile, back at home base, the X-man and I had also been getting creative. It all started with beer bottle faces (note: we're not beer drinkers, so they're all sad, mean or somewhat seedy looking fellows):

We decided some other Christmas catalogues needed some modifications ...

This was a really odd looking iced Christmas cake, even before we turned the icing stars into a face:

Happy coffee:

Of course, Four Arms from Ben 10 had to get in there - a gin bottle works well, and the X-man even added his omnitrix on his shoulder:

Bratz dolls are much cuter as cats:

I had to ask what he was drawing on this one, but it should have been obvious - exploding pom poms! Apparently influenced by the Dr Who Christmas episode with the killer Christmas trees:

Cats again:

And my personal favourite - evil vampire teddy. That kid is in so much trouble, and he has no idea!

Catalogue modification is way underrated - you may well see more of it in the future.


ChickenBetty said...

I loved those whirling dervish killer xmas trees :)
very creative kids you have!

brazen's crafts said...


love the diarama, it's fabulous!

the catalogue mods made me giggle (though will you disown me if i confess to really liking the cake before? lol)

TheCrone said...

Vampire Teddies, love it!

Hmmmm isn't there a vampire book around atm about some bloke called Edward?

What are you reading to your kids LOL!