Friday, 20 March 2009


This is how my Joico purple hair is looking after two washes:

I really like the colour, but I think it may be trying to take over the world!

I have to put a cloth nappy over my pillowcase at night:

My showercap was never this colour before (and that's keeping my hair dry - you should see the colour run when it gets wet):

My hairbrush:

Note: those little padded tips on the bristles definitely weren't purple two weeks ago. Hmmm - I've never looked at the brush this carefully before - just look at all that purple hair & fluff - and I clean the hair out of it regularly.

I'm certainly not risking wearing white at the moment - anything around my neck turns purple very quickly. Fortunately it (mostly) washes out, and the sun bleaches most of what's left, so no permanent damage.

And my skin! I have purple ears, and neck. I wake up with purple shoulders. I touch my hair and my fingers come away purple (which Miss Tizz thinks is excellent fun. Problem is, it then ends up on everything you touch - like my diary:

I love the colour, but I don't think I'll use it again - way too much bleed - unless we can come up with some method to make it stay put.

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Susana said...

Love it. Not sure about everything you own turining purple though. You couldn't of choose a better colour!