Monday, 4 May 2009

Before and after - Work desk

I work from home. I am not very domestic. My house is a disaster area. I have fabulous friends who know this and love me anyway, and even drop round for coffee sometimes (we have a dishwasher, and clean coffee cups - haven't lost a guest yet!).

Between us, we have started a challenge to focus on specific areas of our homes that need attention, and to keep accountable, we are taking before & after photos.

So ... here's my desk, first thing this morning.

I spend many hours here each day, between work & play (way too many, but that's another issue), and it tends to accumulate work-in-progress, bills, computer-related 'stuff', receipts, various items of office stationery, children's homework/toys/artwork, bits of paper with incredibly important information on them (like phone numbers without names), bags of cosmetics I want to give away, but no-one seems to want them :P - all the usual detritus. There's also a laptop under there, and a Wacom tablet.

I spent a little time today dumping all the stuff in a box, cleaning the desk, and sorting some of the things I'd removed. The box isn't empty yet, and it's not particularly beautiful, but there's been a big improvement in my work space:

Now, the big question is - can you wash a mouse mat?

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