Sunday, 7 June 2009

I don't like to think what this is teaching my niece ...

My sister's little girl turned two recently. Her parents bought her an enormous dollhouse, and it was suggested we might like to give her a Barbie doll to go with it.

I'm not really into Barbie (except for the Harley-Davidson Barbie - with motorcycle, leathers & red hair - that the husband gave me for my 35th birthday - she's cool!), and spent quite some time looking for one that wasn't dressed like a tart ready to go and pick up at a sleazy nightclub. And I didn't think a princess or a fairy or a mermaid quite went with the house.

Eventually I found this one, and - bonus - she had a normal looking dog accessory:

It wasn't until I was wrapping it that I turned the packaging over and saw this sequence of pictures:

Give Tanner dog a treat! [Yep, ok, feed the dog. That's good].

Push down her tail ... [and dog treat exits from her backside ... okaaaay ....]

Clean-up time [well, I guess that's good - you need to clean up after your dog, and she comes with her own pooper-scoooper].

But see that bin at the side of the picture? The one that you put the scooped poop into? What you can't see is that is has a hole in the back of it, and that the doggie treat box fits onto the back of the bin, and one thing leads to another and all of a sudden - like magic - the treat box is full and you can feed the dog again! Yay!


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