Sunday, 7 June 2009

It's birthday season again! (and a hair colour update)

The season for multiple family birthdays has arrived again. My mother turned 70, one of the husband's aunts had a birthday, the youngest cousin turned two and the X-man turned 6, all in one week.

We were in Sydney for his actual birthday, and he shared an enormous Black Forest cake, made by an octogenarian (although you wouldn't know it if you met her!) neighbour with his grandmother. Then there was a chocolate mudcake, from the local bakery, at home the day after we got back:

There was another mudcake yesterday, when we got together for lunch with the other side of the family to celebrate the three cousins' birthdays that fall within three weeks. After gourmet pizza and chocolate cake, we rugged up and headed out to a local park in the cold, so the kids could run it all off.

The X-man was pretty keen on the flying fox, but not so Miss Tizz:

Note: the X-man's Ben 10 obsession shows no sign of abating, and Miss Tizz chooses her own clothes. I take no responsibility :)

Hair colour update

I'm blonde again, at least temporarily. We (the hairdresser and I) were aiming for white (nope - not white-blonde, pure white), but my hair apparently 'throws a lot of gold' (I love my hairdresser for not calling me brassy ;) ), and after two lots of strong bleaching and toning (and the best part of four hours) this is how it ended up:

There's still too much 'gold' in it, but we're going to have another go at it when it's had a few days to recover.


Kristen said...

I know that park! And I love that hair - though I think pink is still my favourite :).

Brody said...

your hair looks so healthy for bleaching it twice. im jealous, my hair fries and dies if i bleach it once :(

karenmc said...

I'm lucky - my hair takes some pretty severe punishment. My scalp took a little while to recover from this however! But it's just about right to make another change - stay tuned ;)