Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Red letter day!

Today is a fabulous day!

It's raining (which is a little inconvenient at times, but we need it - it's been very dry here), it's cold & gloomy, but it's the day we discharge our mortgage. We have no great secrets on how to pay a home loan off in less than 10 years - a lot of it was luck (we were househunting when the market was at its lowest, bought privately and avoided a lot of fees, and were able to pay off a lump sum when the husband retired on disability grounds [not sure if a permanent disability counts as luck, but heck - you work with what life dishes out]), but it's a huge relief to know that within a few hours we will have finalised the loan and completely own our Australian dream.

At this point in time, our only remaining debt is one credit card with a $500 limit (and we pay into that each time we use it). In the current financial climate of uncertainty, that's a very very good feeling indeed.

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goingferal(ish) said...

So bloody awesome.