Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I never thought I'd be such a concrete fan

Ever since we moved into this house ten years ago, we've been talking about how painful the garage 'apron' was - little pebbles, that found their way into the house frequently - not fun to step on in bare feet - and which tended to allow puddles to form, generally right where you stepped as you got into & out of the car. So finally we did something about it ...

This is pretty much what we started with. The pebbles are where the cars are parked. There's a significant drop off the driveway to the left (significant enough that a friend's car got stuck when she didn't back out straight, oohhh ... about a year or so ago - it's been like that for way too long), and that's part of a wooden pallet laying down in it so we didn't go into mud up to our ankles when it rains. The husband has started dismembering the fence & gate ...

... with help from the short people of the household. Hey - who let the X-man loose with a big hammer?! And don't ask about the 'parts' cars - that's a sore point.

From the inside of the yard, with half the gate gone, as well as a section of fence.

Fence & gates all gone, and a trailer-load of rubbish to dispose of. And then the professionals arrived:

In the first day, the concreted-in fence posts were pulled out, the conifer that was far too close to the garage and home to a colony of wasps every summer was removed, all those blasted little pebbles were scraped off, and the surface was leveled. With some help from the short people and their heavy equipment ...

The reo goes in:

Day 2: the big pour ...

And more on Day 3:

Of course, wet concrete is far too hard to resist (for big & small people) :)

And, apparently, the neighbourhood cats. Humph!

Never mind, all fixed, and the slab is complete, apart from drying time.

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