Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Whose silly idea was it to hold a school athletics carnival in the middle of a Canberra winter? Actually, I was working at home in the warmth, but the husband braved the chill winds and threatening skies.

The school colours are red, white & blue, and the house teams follow the same colour scheme. The houses are named after Australian authors: Jennings (red), Klein (white) and Gibbs (blue).
We're Gibbs :)

Miss Tizz likes to get into the spirit of things (and accidentally into the 100m race as well as the 70m, even though there was a pretty good chance she'd come last - she's as athletic as her mother! - but she just focussed on the house points she earned by entering. That's what makes me proud :) )

The X-man, on the other hand, refused face paint and hair colour, and was lucky to find his place in the race lineup. Have I mentioned that he can be a little vague?


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