Thursday, 31 December 2009

getting lost in the interweb

Ok - so I'm not a party girl, and there's rubbish on the television, so I'm going to wander the internet to see what I can find, starting right here, and checking out people's links. The list will grow as the night progresses ...

1. Yours truly - fabulous blog of course, when I'm not busy posting daily over at 44
2. Belgian Waffle - one of my favourite blogs, and Emma posts most days, so nearly always something interesting to read
3. Craftastrophe! - 'because handmade isn't always pretty' - oh yes!
4. The Bloggess
5. SexIs
6. Robert Pattinson Life: So so wrong - Robert Pattinson panties - Ewwww. I'm hoping this blog trail takes a turn for the better soon, or I'm backtracking and taking another side road.
7. All Kristen Stewart Blog Source - once you get into the Twlilight world, you just go round in Twilight circles, so I'm backtracking to The Bloggess's blogroll ...
8. Always home and uncool
9. Polite Fictions
10. ... for a different kind of girl (and I so want one of these!). No blog links, so I went to the next blog ...
11. Jessica Marie Clauser
12. Cigarettes and purity
13. Zoe Strauss 
14. The Girl Who
15. The typing makes me sound busy

And after starting here in Australia, heading to Belgium, the US, a quick skip over to China, and ending in a southern US state, I'm calling it a night and heading for the leadup to 2010 and the (televised) fireworks.

I hope 2010 is a fabulous year for you :)

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