Tuesday, 19 April 2011

School holidays: Day 2

Today started off with a trip to Bunnings with Dad. And they just happened to be there at the right time for a children's DIY workshop.

Each child came home with a decorated terracotta pot planted up with parsley, and apparently there's a bulb hiding in the soil too!

It was my turn in the afternoon, and today we headed off to Gungahlin to meet Alexander Bunyip.

He's a brand new sculpture (unveiled just last week) of a children's character created by author and illustrator Michael Salmon, and he now lives out the front of the new Gungahlin Library.

The library looked to be almost ready (apart from the fact that there aren't any books yet!).
We tried out the new bubblers:

... checked out the new Gungahlin Town Centre Park:

... and the Gungahlin College (college here is Year 11 and 12):

Then it was time for a stroll down the main street. Halfway down the shopping strip, we found a sculpture we hadn't seen before:

It's called The Goongarline. Created by Michael Utley, the plaque says it draws inspiration from Gungahlin's rocky hills (the Goongarline, in the local Indigenous language).

I was particularly taken by the tall steel posts:

... but the kids preferred the rocks, which became a flying carpet:

... and a crocodile:

When they spotted the spiderweb playground a little further down, they were off again.

And there was still time for ice cream, from the Cold Rock Ice Creamery:

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