Wednesday, 20 April 2011

School holidays: Day 3

Nothing to see here: move along.

No photos of bunyips, or even rocks today. Today was cool and on-and-off spitting rain, so we stayed in. Which wasn't such a bad thing, as it gave me a chance to finish off some work for clients that's been on the list a little longer than it should have.

It also gave Miss Tizz and I time to attack the tip she calls a bedroom. We sifted through books and clothes and toys and general detritus that's accumulated on her floor, and managed to eliminate a bag full of rubbish, a decent stack of surplus-to-requirements books, and a few items of clothing. Still plenty to do in there, but at least now it looks tidy from the hallway (just don't stick your head round the corner yet!).

And tonight we all sat together and watched Zathura: A Space Adventure, which is pretty much Jumanji in outer space, with some sibling rivalry thrown in for tension.

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