Wednesday, 27 April 2011

School holidays: Easter Monday on Tuesday

As yesterday was ANZAC Day, today became an extra public holiday in Australia, and we've had a five day very long weekend. Unless, of course, you have a job in retail, in which case there is a good chance you worked at least part of it.

Today started with a late brunch of boiled eggs and toast soldiers, before Nanna turned up and we decided that tonight the children would go and stay with her for the first time. It didn't take them long to pack pyjamas and toothbrushes and clothes for tomorrow and a book each, and off they went happily. We haven't had any calls to go and get them, so we're assuming everyone is still happy.

The husband and I went to do grown-up sensible fruit and vegetable shopping, but the markets were closed, so we diverted to Max Brenner's for a restorative Italian thick hot chocolate instead.Chinese food and a Catherine Tate Show DVD rounded out a quiet evening.

Life is very difficult sans enfants!

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