Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Back to the routine

School resumed yesterday, and I'm working, so the routine daily life is getting back on track.

So what did we do in the rest of the school holidays?

Tuesday night the short people spent at their Nanna's. It's the first night the X-man has ever spent away from The Husband, although I've been to Perth a couple of times and to Europe without him. You could (just) count the number of nights without one of us that Miss Tizz has had in nearly ten years of life.

On Wednesday, The Husband collected them and headed out to a friend's property on the other side of Queanbeyan, and they were gone most of the day (while I worked, catching up on things that seem to slide a little when everyone is here all day). By evening, when they arrived home again, I was very glad to see them. And then the squabbling kicked in again *sigh*.

The phone rang that night, with Grandad on the other end. We'd been thinking about heading up to Sydney for a few days, but the holidays were running out, and it wasn't looking too hopeful. That is, until the kids announced to their grandparents that we would be coming up the next day. So we did. I needed to get a day's work in first, so just after 5pm we were on the road, and the weather deteriorated the further north we went. Plenty of rain, fog and roadworks - always a great combination in the dark! But we arrived safely. As always when the kids see Grandma and Grandad after too long a break, it was a little crazy, but we love it (and them)!

Friday was grey and drizzly, but we decided to have a nice long relaxed lunch in Cronulla, as a belated birthday for Grandad and an early one for Grandma. Despite the rain, it was lovely to walk along the promenade and smell the salt air, and Miss Tizz was most disappointed she couldn't paddle. Next time!

Friday evening was spent in front of the television, watching The Wedding. Just beautiful! A big display of pageantry and little glimpses of a couple obviously in love :)

By Saturday night we were home again, and the weather cleared as we drove south (except for Goulburn!). And Saturday night meant the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who - we've been looking forward to it for months. And then Sunday (of course) involved laundry. And our 12th wedding anniversary! And baking ciambella deliciousness!

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